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This site originally was created soley for the coming together of those who wished to participate in the CE-5 Protocols within the Dayton and surrounding Miami Valley. It has since evolved to also house an alternative to the Facebook group “SORTAWOKE SOCIETY” in which it’s origins have also emerged within Dayton. However, this site is intended for ALL with the interest in those two particular aspects (but not limited to) and is a SHARED ONLINE COMMUNITY EXISTING TO RAISE OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.


Register to this site by clicking on the REGISTER link at the top right side of this page. Then you will be asked to create an account which will grant you access to the publishing of blogs. Don’t want to create an account? No prob, Bob. You also have the option to create a login for the “DISCUSSION BOARD” and throw topics out for discussion or comment on already established conversations.


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Check out the Library where we have collected free PDF versions of books (for download) as well as variety of Youtube videos that we find relvant. Email THEFIFTHKIND@CE-5DAYTONCHAPTER.COM with any media you’d like added to the Library!

Sortawoke Society:the Blog Edition


Wired and Mired

There has been a lot going on while simultaneously nothing happening. In my life, that is. And like I have mentioned previously, I have yet to conquer the art that[…]

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The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose

Dear Friends and Supporters,   As the United States celebrates its Independence Day, we are pleased to provide to the world for FREE The Cosmic Hoax – An Expose ![…]

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A Gift of Unconventional Disclosure

I was able to download the Webinar, Disclosure 2.0 by Dr. Steven Greer that was released at the end of April. It is almost five hours long and if you[…]

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C-E 5:Dayton Chapter

“”“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”

All over the globe people are gathering to gain the greatest insight ever in the history of our human civilization. So what’s up Dayton, Ohio? I mean c’mon, we are the home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. No, this isn’t a Steven Greer fan-page regurgitating his information but rather a little extra nudge for the Miami Valley. To get us hoppin’ on the ol’ bandwagon to participate in global consciousness. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Steven Greer and CE-5 and want to learn more, a good place to start is by watching Dr. Greer’s Documentaries :
“Close Encounters with the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun”

What is CE-5?

“…and then the world goes through this incredible transformation…

…into this new place and I’ve been talking about this on stage for twenty years and I’m freaking tired of it, lets get on with it, right? I know this gonna happen and one of the challenges that I’m seeing now is I don’t want this information to just stay on little stages like this. Now I’m not insulting you at all but what I’m saying is, it’s becoming clear to me in dreams that I need to find ways to get this information out on a much bigger scale and that’s what I’m working on now because you see how well all this stuff fits together, but we’re still essentially a fringe subject. And as these disclosures start to happen, as the truth starts to break out, we’re not gonna have a lot of time to enjoy our new free energy and anti-gravity technology, right? Because there’s a much bigger thing goin’ on here and so the latest estimates that we’re hearing about when the Solar Flash is gonna happen, which by the way, came in a dream that I had telling me that I would be 56 years old when this happens and Cory was stunned because he had just gotten the same information from the inner Earth beings- it does look right now is- as if the most likely window is ten years from now.”

-David Wilcock