Dayton, Ohio

“Rather than love, then money, than fame, give me truth”

-Henry David Thoreau

A b o u t

“This content may be associated with dangerous content.”


When my Facebook was deleted unexpectedly, without warning to any violations I had committed, I was pretty upset. I had started my account in 2006, when I was a senior in high school. I lost many, many photos and videos (including my son’s first steps) and I have tried to gain access using the Way-back Machine, uploading my ID and sending it to whatever Facebook A.I. or … person?.. that has the red button access to grant permission or be an asshole. I own a painting company so I at least needed to gain access to it’s page to which I created another account, making sure I used my maiden name and different email address. I had my fiance add me as an admin on my page and I went about my day. Still angry and wanting to test a theory that was shaking around my brain about what I could have done to have been completely deleted – I uploaded the “Great Awakening Map” as my cover photo on my profile page – which I had done on the previous account 24 hours or so before I couldn’t log in anymore. Sure enough, way less than 24 hours later that account was gone. I had to go through some lengths to get another profile, including using my son’s phone number, changing my names spelling and giving up ever using the mobile version (I have never been able to log into the app since the first deletion.)


I had been hearing the word “censorship” being tossed around a lot, and I never assumed I was anyone with any kind of voice that could piss off people like the Facebook god’s- so I tried to figure out a more basic and less obscure reason as to what I had done. My buddy, Nate had started a group on Facebook called the Sortawoke Society and after being deleted (and scared to do anything with the Map) I began sending him excerpts of it with certain things crossed and arrows pointing to one section to the other. At this time, his thinking was much like mine was a bit earlier – we were invincible and hiding amongst the internet. We decided to test it again, this time with his account. I told him to back up his profile, and he uploaded the map as his cover photo. Poof! This simple act of being shunned by a social network has only verified the validity of what most would call “conspiracy theories.” I felt compelled to create a website separate from Facebook, so the Sortawoke Society could continue to grow without the threat of censorship deleting all it’s members and the group itself. The human civilization is beginning to wake up and at an alarming speed. And because I’m still quite humble and do not believe I can move mountains – perhaps I can begin a molehill here in Dayton, Ohio and let it spread the best way it can, with as many people as possible.