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Wired and Mired

There has been a lot going on while simultaneously nothing happening. In my life, that is. And like I have mentioned previously, I have yet to conquer the art that is blogging. I apologize for the lack of action within this site. And I will reiterate that anyone who is signed up to be member…
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The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose

Dear Friends and Supporters,   As the United States celebrates its Independence Day, we are pleased to provide to the world for FREE The Cosmic Hoax – An Expose !   A big THANK YOU to all the donors and those who made this movie possible in 2 short months!    PLEASE let everyone know…
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A Gift of Unconventional Disclosure

I was able to download the Webinar, Disclosure 2.0 by Dr. Steven Greer that was released at the end of April. It is almost five hours long and if you are like me, with the attention span of a goldfish – you’ll probably need to watch it intervals.

Fear Inoculum

I was listening to Tool’s latest “Fear Inoculum” album when trying to come up with a title for this entry which syncs up so smoothly with the subject, as does the word of the day according to which is “ravelment”. It’s definition is entanglement, confusion. The above screenshot of the Washington Post dated June…
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The Cosmic Hoax an Expose

copy/pasted from Dr. Steven Greer’s website: Dr. Steven Greer Presents THE COSMIC HOAX an EXPOSÉ Because of your support, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind reached tens of millions of people last year and inspired audiences around the globe to initiate peaceful diplomacy with Extraterrestrial civilizations. For this, Dr. Greer and his team are incredibly…
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Under Construction

So I have never had any education in web design. I am working on trying to get this site up and running smoothly and successfully. I have not abandoned all hope and given up. Just please bear with me – and thank you for your patience.

COMING SOON: Disclosure 2.0

On Sunday, I had paid to watch the 20th anniversary to the 2001 Disclosure Project National Press Club Event: Disclosure 2.0 hosted by Dr. Steven Greer. It was of course live and while I tried to watch it, I was spending that day with family but did catch a few snippets at the beginning and…
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From Nate Sortawoke

Sortawoke Society Societies spread on this Earth all hold perspective that can help build a world of progress. Everything in this universe is a piece of the universe that spreads across vast space to give life. Though divided nothing is separate. Eons of time as we see it has shaped there is, and all to…
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