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The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose

Dear Friends and Supporters,   As the United States celebrates its Independence Day, we are pleased to provide to the world for FREE The Cosmic Hoax – An Expose !   A big THANK YOU to all the donors and those who made this movie possible in 2 short months!    PLEASE let everyone know…
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COMING SOON: Disclosure 2.0

On Sunday, I had paid to watch the 20th anniversary to the 2001 Disclosure Project National Press Club Event: Disclosure 2.0 hosted by Dr. Steven Greer. It was of course live and while I tried to watch it, I was spending that day with family but did catch a few snippets at the beginning and…
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I have posted Dr. Steven Greer’s latest YouTube video on the FB group as well as on the front page of this site, so I hope you all have watched it. I will be creating a page very soon about who Dr. Greer is and what the CE-5 protocols are and why it is important…
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